Kitespot: 3rd Ave (San Mateo)

After kiting consecutively for 4 days I feel quite a bit exhausted, however, that’s not an excuse for not blogging. Today I’m going to show you my kitesurfing ‘homespot’ which is located about half the way between Palo Alto and San Francisco on the western shore of the bay (3rd Ave, San Mateo).

I like 3rd Ave because it’s only about 20 minutes away and usually has nice steady wind. There are two launch areas: At the upper launch area there is plenty of space for everybody and it’s generally easy-going. The lower launch is a bit tricky, since the beach is smaller and the wind is more gusty. Needless to say that I prefer the upper launch :-)

If you have a look at the Google Maps image you can see the upper launch on the left side of the golf course, the lower launch is on the right.
Here is a panorama picture of the upper launch (click to enlarge):

Another picture:

There is also a webcam which is very useful to see beforehand if it makes sense to go there or not. A wind forecast can be obtained at

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