Kitespot: Waddell Creek

Holy smoke, yesterday was a great kitesurfing day. I was at Waddell Creek which is located about 20 miles up Highway 1 from Santa Cruz. The weather was perfect, no clouds and perfect wind for my 9m Waroo.

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  1. andrew d. Says:

    hi Tom,

    really liked your pictures of Wadell, 3rd, and Sherman. my home spot is 3rd too. kiteboarding for just 2 years. never tried Wadell yet but very excited to go this spring. have a 12m which is too big for Wadell. sounds like you have a 9m. is that the best size for Wadell or can that be a little big for the spring winds there? very interested to know since i want to buy a new kite this year especially for Wadell, but have no idea what to get. any suggestions?

    thanks in advance,

  2. Administrator Says:

    hey drew, depending on your weight you probably want to get something between 7-9m.
    Check out for more info about Waddell (there are certain rules for right of way when waves are involved etc.)

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